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Homemade Bread & Instagram Sharing

As you probably know my husband raises a few different crops but since we live in the great state of Kansas obviously one of those is wheat. Our farm operation is no-till and we harvest our wheat in late June usually. Over the years he has learned a great deal and adjusted his planting and harvesting techniques as needed. Of course since there is no GMO wheat for sale in the United States, he doesn’t raise that and his isn’t organic either. We plant, harvest and haul it to the elevator to sell.

You are probably wondering what this has to do with bread or maybe you’re thinking I make my own bread out of the wheat my husband raises. I do not do that. I normally buy my bread from the grocery store like most people already sliced and in the plastic bags! However I do enjoy making homemade bread. In fact in 2020 I kind of found my way back to making it, especially with my youngest daughter during the pandemic. I enjoy reading cookbooks and watching Instagram stories – along with quilting.

Once again what does Instagram have to do with bread? I find myself following those that also farm or are ranchers all over the United States. It is so interesting to me to have a peak into the world of how they farm, raise animals and children and also make wonderful things in their kitchens. Back when I started my first blog I spent more time in the kitchen cooking and baking, then life happened and I blogged less. I commend these influencers to be online so much, especially for my own enjoyment but I don’t think I could do it that much. I also seem to be a little older than most that I follow. 🙂 Some have YouTube channels as well.

This post is about learning to live together, give and take and let others inspire you and supporting one another. I don’t find myself jealous as I watch the Instagram stories (okay occasionally I do.) I find myself feeling more intrigued – interested. A few that I follow are out of Utah, another Nebraska, Colorado, North Carolina and California. I’ll list them at the end of this post.

Most of them are selling things such as beef, pork, apparel, maple syrup, sourdough bread/starters etc. If I was richer I’d purchase from them all cause it all looks pretty darn good to me! The way I was led from one to another to another of these ladies (and there are some men) is a way they support one another. Which is awesome in today’s world to see!

Are you ready to hear about the bread part? I normally buy Pillsbury flour, sometimes Gold Medal. I’ve been completely satisfied my adult life with these and I still am. But I decided I wanted to venture out and see what this Kamut flour was all about.

Disclaimer – I am not being paid to say any of this and no one asked my opinion I’m just giving it. I like to share since someone shared with me and so on.

I found out about Kamut flour by following The Food Nanny on Instagram. Honestly I think I found my way to her through one of my absolute favorites to follow Ballerina Farms. They both live in Utah. They both are unique and different from each other and from me, a Kansas farm wife. I think that is what makes this all neat. Different people, different lives, never met or even talked online to me but I find them interesting and I have learned from them!

Back to the bread. I did purchase some Kamut flour from The Food Nanny as I wanted to see what the fuss was all about. Honestly I wanted to also make my regular recipe with the usual stuff and have them side by side to try but I didn’t have time or energy on this Saturday morning! She has a highlight to show how to make the bread with Kamut flour, very helpful as it is different than my normal recipe. I did it and was feeling a little unsure while making it but let me say. They really came out looking beautiful and they do taste very good. You can read more about Kamut flour on their website.

As a Kansas Farm wife with a husband that doesn’t raise organic and we don’t eat organic much either some may be surprised that I’m blogging about Kamut flour. But here is what I think. It’s best to figure out what works for you and your family. Will I purchase Kamut flour ever again? I’m not sure. Am I anti-organic? No. Do I think we can learn from other another in many areas of living? Yes. I may not agree with what some say but I can respect them. I know that there are companies using untrue /scare tactics to get people to buy their product. Is it right? No. I think educating yourself is what matters and that is totally up to you. So asking a real farmer or rancher when it comes to food is essential.

I do want to say here – I really do more than watch Instagram stories all day! 🙂 Just ask my family.

I hope you found this post enjoyable and check out the Instagram accounts below. There surely is one or two you will think is interesting. I know some have Facebook too, I just enjoy Instagram more and there is usually more content over there in stories.

Have a great day! Corn harvest has begun for us so the farmer is in the field, which makes him very happy!


Instagram Accounts I regularly follow – none of them even know me, I just enjoy their content, maybe you will too!

The Food Nanny ( Their energy and upbeat personalities make for fun in the kitchen or with their new cow they have to milk!)

Hannah @ Ballerina Farms ( I would love to go visit and just sit in her kitchen and watch her, very hard working woman!)

Jena @ DoubleOFarms ( Alot of what she shares reminds me of our life here in Kansas 🙂

Five Marys Farm ( Impressive business sense along with beautiful daughters)

This Farm Wife (She is hilarious folks)

California Farmer ( If you go follow him you will be lead to some other funny farmers & their humorous ways together!)


Natalie Kovarik



Hopeful Things (I bought her cookbook, she is great to follow and I would recommend her cookbook!)

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