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The Cattle Pen & What It Holds

We have received all the cattle we plan to this winter season to feed.  Milton and I worked the last 42 head on Friday.  It went smoothly and only took us about 2 hours, which was good!  This load was much calmer than the original ones we received.  The weather was chilly but we both… Continue reading The Cattle Pen & What It Holds

2017 · cattle · Farm

Cattle, Hay, Soybeans, and More

We received our first load of feeder cattle for the winter on Tuesday, October 24th late at night.  33 head made their way to our pens and they were not happy about being away from their mommas! I have to tell you that our youngest daughter is very excited about the cattle.  We skipped last… Continue reading Cattle, Hay, Soybeans, and More