2020 · Quilting

Journey of Quilts- Mom's Purple 9 Patch

The current stay at home mode we are in has given me more time in the quilt room. I'm the type that likes to see a finished product, so you can imagine with a few quilt tops sitting around how un-nerving that is for me. I enjoy the piecing more than quilting and I don't… Continue reading Journey of Quilts- Mom's Purple 9 Patch

2020 · Farming · planting season

Spring 2020 Different Yet Not

Shortly into this thing we call spring and it really has not been like any other we've participated in. I know most of the world knows why and can relate. Insert Covid-19. As a farm family it has been life as usual when referring to the farm, as of this post. In other sections of… Continue reading Spring 2020 Different Yet Not