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Milo Harvest 2019

We only had 133 acres of that rust colored itch inducing crop planted this year. So our harvest only lasted from October 17th - October 22nd. The farmer had finished sowing wheat the morning he started milo harvest and then stopped to watch his farmkid play volleyball that evening. On our way home we dropped… Continue reading Milo Harvest 2019

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Wheat Sowing 2020 Crop With A View Of Marriage

On October 17, 2019 around 7:30 a.m. the farmer pulled into the last field to be sown to wheat for our 2020 crop. The field sits right next to his parent's farmstead. Milton's father stared farming this rented ground in the 1950's, then Milton took it over the past few years. We greatly appreciate the… Continue reading Wheat Sowing 2020 Crop With A View Of Marriage