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2018 Wheat Harvest #1

We began harvesting wheat on June 12th this year and as I type this post to this point it has went pretty well.  We didn't plan on beginning so early  but that's how farming goes.  You plan one thing and the opposite will happen.  The warm and windy days prior to the 12th made it… Continue reading 2018 Wheat Harvest #1

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Farm Post Friday or Monday – Corn Harvest 2016

We finished harvesting all our non-irrigated corn on 9/23/2016, which happen to be my father in law’s 88th birthday!  In the last year he hasn’t be able to help as much but you can still see him occasionally checking in on the activity around the farm.   He was born 88 years ago with his… Continue reading Farm Post Friday or Monday – Corn Harvest 2016