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Our Wheat Harvest Story & HarvestHER

Once again this year I was invited to share our harvest story on the HarvestHer website. To be honest I wasn't going to and then after reading through some of the posts I decided too.  Sometimes I feel like I am not really a "farm wife" which is really silly because I am.   I… Continue reading Our Wheat Harvest Story & HarvestHER

2017 · Farm · wheat

Wheat Harvest 2017 – Closer than we think!

Our wheat harvest is just around the corner!  You can feel it in the air and the intensity is picking up on a daily basis!  The hubs is busy getting that last few acres of grain sorghum (milo) planted before cutting the golden loveliness that lines the roadsides. The rust orange colored crop won't be… Continue reading Wheat Harvest 2017 – Closer than we think!