Beginnings, Lessons, Memories

*Note, I pulled this from my April 2011 farm journal.  

Today is the day of several beginnings.  Today I start journaling about life on the farm, since moving here November 1, 2010. Today is the day MV and a new landlord created an agreement for him to farm her land. And today is the first day of corn planting for us.
I haven’t had time to journal much about farm life, and I am not sure how often I will be able to, but I feel it is important for our family to have these memories.
I’ve noticed in the past few days it is like the countryside is waking up from a long nap.  The sounds are beginning to be of tractors pulling planters and pickups traveling more often down the dirt roads.  You see fertilizer tanks in fields and farmers have a spring to their step and a face that seems like a kid in the candy store!  I’m guessing they feel like they have a purpose once again after a winter of somewhat rest.  Don’t get me wrong, farmers still work in the winter, but the other 9 months of the year is usually pretty go go go compared to the slower pace of winter.  
Personally, I am coming to like the winter months alot more than I used to!
Today I watched as MV filled the planter with corn seed, and this is the first planting season we are only a few yards away from the shed.  As I watched him with PV it makes me happy we are here.  He opens the bag of corn seed, cautiously tells her not to touch the seed as it’s treated. She is only slightly taller than the corn seed bag, as she is only 3 years old, tipping her head over to look inside, Daddy explains how he will put it in the planter and plant it in the ground. 

 After the planter is filled, PV watching the whole time, he shows her how the seed comes out of the plastic tub and ends up in the ground.  She listens and although she may not remember this part, I know its important.  Her father is sharing knowledge and it will create a bond of trust, of education, and of love between the two of them.  

Her Grandfather isn’t far away, I recall last year him helping load the bags into the planter, this year he is working on the mower, and Grandma comes over to join in on the gathering.  It’s a beautiful sight to sit back and see 3 generations of family together in one place.  I pray this crop will grow with abundance and give us many blessings.

Our Little Farmer!

MV & PV  in the field!

Planting Corn!

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