Thank you dear husband!

My husband takes an Elk hunting trip to Colorado each year.  He is usually gone about nine days
 and has just returned from this years trip!
 I think someone missed him! 
 ( I did too! )
I send along a care package each year. 
PV and I created it together this year 
and that was quite fun I might add!
  My husband is sweet and reciprocates for both PV and I
 by leaving us a stack of cards or letters for us to open each day.  
In 10 years time, technology has come a long way. 
We can talk, text, and even email each other 
if we choose to on a daily basis.  
(Note once the hunting begins though, he seems alittle distracted… not sure what’s with that! )
Of course we do some of that, 
but these “care packages” are the best gift ever

And I will tell you why!
He took the time to go to the store and 
pick out these special cards.

He created handmade cards. 
(I bet he is going to love that I shared this part, 
I did leave out photos, so I think I am ok!)

He knew I would need a “piece” of his love each day.

He sent me flowers, which included my favorite color!

He also made PV her own care package!  That was wonderful to watch each day!  She especially enjoyed the ones Daddy drew of himself up on the mountain with crayon.  She would giggle and then inspect each one.  She noted that on a couple Daddy had 4 fingers and 3 legs!  We just giggled and it made the moment so much more fun!  Silly Daddy! She would say!

MV, we appreciate all the “CARE” you put into our “PACKAGES”!  Thank you!

Do any of you have any special things you do for others on a regular or non-regular basis???

I’d love ideas!

Thanks for stopping by and indulging me to use my blog to thank my husband!


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