Memory Verse Week 1 UPDATE!

Ladies & Gentlemen!

There is success in our house!  

I have accomplished a goal!

Psalm 139: 23-24 is memorized!

I’m doing my happy dance right now!  The 4 year old is looking at me strangely , but I do believe she’s about to join me! 🙂

Starting out, I felt I had a task at hand, as if in school, and needed to complete it just through memorizing it.  

But it came to be, 
which should be no surprise to me 
(oh a rhyme!) 
that GOD had other plans for silly me!   🙂

He set this verse before me to not only succeed in memorization, but to aide in my week.

This verse became my calm, before I said something I shouldn’t have to someone.  It was my quiet before I went to sleep, my mantra as I drove my daughter to school, and my companion as I worked at my computer throughout the day.

It’s became a pal of sorts and I hope it is here to stay (in my brain I mean)! 

But if my memory fails me, it’s a faithful friend, and can be found in my Bible! 

I hope some of you joined me in memorizing this verse.  It’s truly brought some comfort to my life in just 7 short days! 

Did it yours?  

Memory Verse Week 2 coming soon! 

Please Join Me!


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