Family Feel Good Moments!

I hope this post finds all of you having 
a great start to your week!
I was wanting to get alittle interaction from you all!  
(Feel free to use the anonymous button!)
How about sharing your best “feel good” 
moment from last weekend!
On Sunday evening my older girls were home and as I was sitting at my dining room table I could hear from one side of me the “little girls” playing and from the other side I could hear the “big girls” talking and laughing. It was a blissful feeling in my heart. 
What was YOUR feel good moment of the weekend???
Photos from our going away get together for KVH!  She’s heading to California later this week!
I have NO IDEA where they get their craziness from.
Ok  Yes I Do!  
Misc Shots!
Family is Awesome!

3 thoughts on “Family Feel Good Moments!

  1. I spent the weekend with my grandparents, they are unable to live alone, so that my parents could have a sanity break at the lake. I also babysat my granddaughter Saturday. My best feel good moment was watching my \”Goomy\” fuss over her great-granddaughter. How lucky we all are that \”Goomy\” and \”Grandad\” are still with us. I had an amazing weekend!


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