Daddy & Daughter Mule Fun!

The title probably got you thinking that Milton took 
PV to ride an animal !
Well the Mule on our Farm is this!  
A Kawasaki Mule! 
After the new mound of chopped corn was done the other day, apparently Dad took PV on a ride over it several times!  The next evening she asked to do it again, this time I was home to catch the action!
He would drive her up and down the mound and I would hear these GIGGLES and LOUD exciting shrills!
Go again Daddy! Go again Daddy!
Now this is how we have fun on the farm!

Don’t worry, Dad is pretty safe with his little girl!

Looking alittle excited here!
We probably won’t be doing this until next year
 because as the chopped corn ferments
 it becomes softer and becomes “silage”.  
So not too safe to drive across!  
But it was fun while it lasted!
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