They Have Arrived!

I awoke early this morning, when it was still pitch dark out and the fog was heavy!  As I was sitting at my kitchen bar reading through some blogs I follow I heard a noise.

It was muffled and I thought my grandaughter had woke up. I waited a moment, (as all good adults do to “test the waters” before letting a 1.5 year old out of the playpen this early!) You are agreeing with me right? I am not the only one that feels this way! I did say it was early, like 6:15am! 🙂

Anyway, as I heard the noise once more I thought, No it isn’t ES…..

I got alittle smile on my face and thought, I’m going to the back deck!

I could feel the excitement start to raise in my chest and it was like I couldn’t get out the locked door quick enough!  

As I entered the deck, I noticed all the moisture (humidity/fog/darkness), but quickly went ahead and sat down on my  patio furniture on the edge of my seat! Literally!

Waiting…. waiting in anticipation……to hear the sound again.  Hoping for it to be there in the darkness.

THERE IT IS!  A sad cry of a calf longing for it’s mother! 

No I don’t usually get joy out of upset beings, but this made me glad because it met CALVES were at the farm! They had been delivered during the night.  We feed calves over the winter and then sell them in the spring.  These were probably born in January or so.

I am just beside myself at this moment! 🙂  🙂 🙂

I really enjoy participating and watching my husband work cattle.  I will explain what working cattle is in a later post, as they will wait a couple days for them to “calm” down before completing that task.  I hope they do it when I am home and not at work! 🙂  

I am just giddy!  

(If I hadn’t just crawled out of bed, I would snap a photo of myself for you to  see my non-stop smile but there is no way I am doing that, not with this bedhead!) 

Needless to say, I find alot of joy in this aspect of farming.  If you have read here, you will guess why.  My parents lived in the house that was at my grandfather’s cattle feedlot the first 5 years of my life.  I hear that as I arrived home from the hospital, there were some cattle out and they had to get them in before celebrating my homecoming. ( I was the baby of the family you know, that made it a “big deal” right? I am sure my dear siblings have much to say on that subject! Haha Hehe 

I am fortunate because if I really want to stroll down memory lane, I could catch a ride with my husband or father in law when they haul corn to this location!  It’s funny how life works out, especially since we didn’t grow up near one another!

Anyway, due to my unique start in life, I find joy in  the presence of cattle. Just makes me smile sitting here typing about it!  

Do you have certain smells, places, noises that bring back childhood memories or certain people to mind?  I would love to hear them! 

Thanks for stopping by!

PS: Many more will arrive in the near future…. they come in several loads!
Stop back by for updates on these lovely creatures!

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