Humorous Hair Life!

Hair Related Emotions.

Ladies, do you have these?  Cause I do.

In fact, anyone close to me could tell you that if my hair is having an “issue”,  on any given day, that it could  will alter my “mood” for the rest of the day.

Yes I know, this is vanity at its best isn’t it? This is not one of my shining attributes! BUT for the sake of  humor, I am willing to share that about myself, with you, to set you up for my post today!

Please note, although I like my hair to look “in place” (and yes I use way too much hairspray) , I am far from “hair savvy”!

Here I will prove it to you… let’s take a journey down Julie’s Hair Life!

This should get a few giggles! 🙂

Honestly, I kind of like this hairdo! Obviously my mother styled it!
Go Mom! I can not believe how LIGHT my hair is though! 
Ok, I am the baby in this picture, with the greased down head of hair looking extremely frightened and dazed! I am inserting this picture not for that fact, but I wanted to share that our mother used to put curlers in our hair. You know like all good mom’s of the 60’s & 70’s did ! My sisters were the recipients of it in this photo! I honestly could not find my photos of me with “curler hair”. I am hoping my sisters won’t disown me after this! 🙂
I look like I am trying to keep from telling something
I am not suppose too!  I would classify this as a
“bad hair day”. School pictures of course! Moving on!

During this hairstyle, I learned that it is better to have hair 
ON my neck than not!  What was I thinking???  Reminds me of a giraffe!
(That’s my step dad 🙂
Perm Perm Perm…..Senior Pictures… 

Ok, I know the eyeshadow is SHOCKINGLY beautiful, but try to focus on the
FULL VOLUME HAIR!  It was the late 80’s people…..
By the way, that beautiful bundle of joy, is my oldest daughter!

Mullet…. not even going to say anything else……
The beautiful bundle of joy, is my middle daughter!
After the Mullet years,  perhaps I should stick with something like one of these on my head!
Fast forward to 2008……
I think this one is so – so…..
It was about 7 months after this I got the “itch” for a change!
I don’t know if it was because I was a new mother (again) or wanted to look
younger or wanted to try the new styles out. Who knows!
But since this time I have basically wore my hair straightened, highlighted,  
and longer like below. (This was at our Fall Friend Gathering this past weekend, 
that post is coming soon!)

Ok the itch I mentioned…. it arrived once again!  My hair was driving me nuts and a little too long and so when I went to my hair cut I said with alot of gusto! ” OK cut some length off!”.

You know when you get a new haircut and you are in the stylist chair and they are done & ask you what you think? You are feeling all excited and thinking “oh I can do this, I love it!”  I felt that way …. for about 20 minutes.

While driving home I felt the wind on my neck and there wasn’t any hair falling in my face. Freaking out began and panic struck! But I shifted gears after arriving home and my husband and daughter expressed how they liked it, so I took to ignoring that I ever got a haircut. No mirrors in sight, no thinking about it! Nothing!
Then when I woke early this morning I literally jumped out of bed to go wet my hair and GET IT STYLED! That way I could see the true results!

Hair grows back right?…….

Pretty fast right……….

How fast?????……….

Ok here you go! I won’t make you wait any longer!

On a serious note,
Do I like my haircut, yes.
Do I wish it was about an inch longer, yes.
Will it grow, yes.
Do I love how fast it is to fix in the morning, YES!YES! YES!
Does it matter to my husband if my hair is long or shot, not really.
Did my 4 year old look at me when I came home from getting it cut and it wasn’t even styled & say, “mommy I like your hair”, yes.
Did it warm my heart and make me want to squeeze her, of course!
Is it different, yes.
Is that ok, most definitely!

Hair grows, times change, things change, as you can see from Julie’s Hair Life!

(In fact, I bet some of you have a few photos from your life, that you look at now, and say what was I thinking!?) And that is OK!

My bad hair days are not as important as they once were, so my vanity is less, which in turn is a good thing. Don’t get me wrong, my hairspray supply will probably never be lacking! 🙂  Just ask my husband and kids!

Do you have a hair story to share???

I’d love to hear it, I’d love to see pictures but I won’t ask for those!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this brought some giggles to your day!


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