Harvest for 2012 Completed

When I got home this evening, from my backyard I could see a clear view of my neighbor’s house. The neighbor lives about 1.5 miles from our home if you take the road, otherwise caddy corner across the field that sits behind our home.  That field has had irrigated corn growing in it so I haven’t seen my neighbor’s house for months!

The time has arrived to harvest the corn, the last crop to be cut for the year 2012. My husband was just about finished. So I grabbed my camera and headed to the field to take a few pictures!

Not too much more to harvest!

No more corn!

As I stood in the field watching Milton harvest the corn, I felt pride.  Pride of the work my husband was completing and for the crop that his father and him had grown.  There was a  sense of “I’m so very glad to be a part of this life” within me at that moment. I just watched the view for awhile and just took it all in!

Once the corn was harvested, it was unloaded into the truck.

Then it was taken to the farmyard and unloaded.  A great deal of 
our grain is stored at the farm in grain bins. We use an elevator leg to 
assist in getting the grain into the grain bins. A post on that is in the near future!

Milton logging the weight of the grain before putting it into the bins.

Unloading the corn into the “pit”.

Close up shot!

Eventually our little helper came along to see what Dad was up to!

This corn will probably be taken to a cattle feed yard in the area, verses
selling it to the grain elevator.  They will re-load it into this truck and haul
it across the county to the feed lot at a later time. It will be used there to feed cattle.

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