Mentor – Just a few questions!

Before I really dive into this post, I wanted to say that I am quite interested in other people’s perspective and hope to get a lot of response to this particular post.  So feel free to share on your Facebook or other types of social media pages.  

My questions are at the end of the post.The questions are generic based and your answers do not have to be faith based.  People have mentors for many things in life including but not limited to education, work, and family.

The definition of Mentor online is:

1. A wise and trusted counselor or teacher.
2. An influential senior sponsor or supporter.

I would like to tell you why I have chosen the subject of my post to be Mentor.  About 9 months ago, I started feeling an idea grow within me. The idea was that I needed to find a mentor to help me grow in my faith life.  I began praying about it, and honestly, at times I let it go to the wayside. But it never completely went away. A few people have crossed my mind that might be a good match, but only time will tell.

Since this is new territory for me, I wanted to gather information and ideas from others! That is where you come in! Although the timing and decision will be mine (with much prayer),  I welcome all your willingness to aide in this journey.

At this time, I would like to express my gratitude for those of you willing to share your knowledge, experiences, perspective, and ideas on the matter! Thank you!


* If you have had a mentor in your life, what was the #1 asset they brought to your life?

* Do you think someone can be a mentor and not even be aware that they are mentoring you?

*Does the mentor need to be the same gender as you?

* How do you think you would feel if someone asked you to be their mentor? An honor or burden?

*If you could have a mentor, what are three things you would like them to provide for or to you?

* Do you feel the mentor should be older then you?

*Did your experience have any negatives?  

*How often did you meet?

*What advice would you provide to someone seeking a mentor from your experience?

*Provide any other information (books, ideas, prayers that would aide me)

Comment below (with name or anonymous), comment on my Facebook page where I shared this, or you can email me at betweenthesunsets@gmail.com!

Once again Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Mentor – Just a few questions!

  1. I think just knowing they were going to be thereYesProbably, especially if you're marriedBothHmmm…honest responses to questions, prayer, maybe some chocolate chip cookies every once in a whileMaybe, but not necessarilyNegatives? I will have to think more about this one.My mentors haven't really been given that title, so we didn't have a regular meeting time.Hmmm. I don't knowThese last questions are tricky. I'm interested to see what others say.


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