2013, Ideas, and Prize……

Hi, since the new year is not so far away, I thought I would gather ideas about what you would like to hear about from this thing we call life in 2013!  I know! Can you believe it’s going to be 2013! WOW!

I started this blog in August and have kind of let is transpire as it has. I don’t want to bore people so bring on the ideas!  I would love to know what peaks your interest, what brings a smile to your face, or what you want to know more about!  If it’s something I am not too familiar with I will give it my best try!

What parts of this blog have you most enjoyed?  Farming, Kitchen Experience, HIM, Family, which sections bring you a smile when you see the “label” you are most fond of show up!

The 1st and 7th  and 15th commenter get a nice little treat/prize too! (I am leaning towards chocolate…..)  I will even mail it if you don’t live in the area! You must comment on my blog though so I can keep track.  🙂

I appreciate all input and hope you have a wonderful Holiday season that is upon us!

Thanks for stopping by!


6 thoughts on “2013, Ideas, and Prize……

  1. I really like the farming and family aspect of the blog. And I of course like the memory verses as well. Sharing more of your favorite recipes wouldn't make me sad though either. (Oh, and I know I'm the second person to comment…you can't tell us who is going to win silly. It's gotta be a mystery, like choose a number between 1 and 10 kinda thing.)


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