KVH 20 year celebration!

My middle daughter turns 20 today!  
I wanted to celebrate her life in my post!

1. I’m thankful I’m the one you call Mom.
2. Your artistic abilities are a treasure!
3. Your laid back personality is opposite of me and I have come to enjoy it tremendously!
4. I learned some quality lessons in raising you, PV will benefit no doubt!
5. When you laugh, it’s contagious and it brings me so much joy!
6. Your outdoor photography is amazing – I’m anxiously waiting to see your portfolio of all your shots!
7. I’m glad to see as you grow into an adult woman, alittle more of me in you, (I thought maybe you only got my hair thickness! 🙂 lol
8.  I love how you respect me enough to put your nose ring away for pictures!
9.  I secretly always loved how you have always “defended” your step-dad when I nag too much!
10. The “black”phase – so glad you grew out of that!
11. Music –  I’m estasic you love it as much as I do!
12. I love it when you call me to ask about something you are cooking!
13. I am excited to see the creations you are going to make with your sewing machine!
14. Your big beautiful brown eyes are just the surface of a great soul within!
15. Your title as Aunt – you rock at it!
16. Your hard work ethic is one thing I will always be proud of!
17. I was scared, proud, and envious when you left for California the first time!
At 19, I was no where near the woman you are in the adventure area!
18. Wife, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend – these titles you hold, nourish each one often!
19.  I pray for you daily, mostly that whatever you pursue in life, you have contentment!
20. Being your mother has been many things, but mostly it’s been one of the best things to ever           happen to me.  I can’t wait to see what you do, create, become in the years ahead

I love you Kassidy Lynn! Happy 20th Birthday!


This is one of my all time favorite photos of her!

Isn’t my little girl just lovely all dressed up! 
Her hubby isn’t too bad either! GO MARINES!

Ok, my son-in-law is super silly in this photo, but I ABSOLUTELY love the way Kassidy looks here! Happy and sweet all wrapped up in one!

This photo is a treasure FOREVER… cause it doesn’t happen often enough! (in fact I have one JUST like it when she was about 1.5 years old! LOVE IT!) 
And this one…. I just love it cause I’m with her!

Check out some of Kassidy’s photography from years past here!

Thanks for celebrating my child’s life with me!
Have a great day & come back soon!


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