Farm Safety – Information- Part 2

To read about part 1 of our story of  why farm safety is alittle more real for us, you can click here.

There are various pieces of equipment used on a farming operation.  A few that we have are a combine, a grain drill,  semi/farm trucks, a planter, and a few tractors.  All of these pieces of equipment are large and have parts that work together to create a smooth running machine.  When operating any of these one must be alert, cautious, and educated in the way it is to be used.  Another time to be cautious is when repairing a piece of machinery. Making sure it is not started or in gear names a few of the things to be sure of!

I would like to invite you to check out a wonderful blog post my friend at Tales of a Kansas Farm Mom did on the parts of their combine. Although our combine is a different make and model, this will give you an idea of the “insides” of a combine! Now that you have seen it up close and personal, perhaps you can see more clearly how being careful is essential! Whether it’s a combine or tractor or drill or semi farm truck caution is a must!

Machinery is not the only aspect of farming that safety is important. Another example would be grain bins.  We store a great deal of our grain at our farm.  Sometimes Milton has to climb to the top of a bin or inside to check the grain.  Both interior and exterior requires safety first!

As you can see from the picture below, we also have an elevator leg.  It is about 70 feet to the top of it.

Occasionally Milton has to go to the top for various reasons.
He is going up the ladder in the picture below.

He is at the top making repairs in this photo.
(We have a cross that is lighted at the top for the holiday season)

Machinery and Grain bins are only a couple areas of farming to perform Farm Safety. I could go on for a long time with examples.  But instead I think I will list below links to information regarding farm safety.

I did want to mention, when traveling down the country roads, and you come upon a farmer driving a piece of machinery, if you need to pass, please be sure to do so with caution! Sometimes it is difficult for farmer (and you) to see around them and since the machinery is large, you may not have full sight of the oncoming traffic!  We want everyone to be safe!

As always, please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question. We would be happy to share anything we know about farming & life!  Thank you for stopping by!


Through my “day job” I am associated with Kansas Farm Bureau, so I began to look there for information to share. One of the great things that  our local county board does is something called Farm Safety Day for the youth in our community.  Normally this safety day occurs in late May or early June.  Along with the county extension office and other organizations they work to educate our youth about safety, farming, and farm safety! It’s a great opportunity for youth to learn  about the farming side of the world!  Check out your local county Farm Bureau to see if they offer this! You can find many links to other farm safety information at Kansas Farm Bureau website.

The National Education Center for Agricultural Safety

Kids Health

The High Plains Journal is a farming publication and in researching I found this list of 15 harvest safety tips!
Click to read! 🙂

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