Christmas Traditions

We have a few traditions in our family for the holidays. I thought I would share a few with you!

We head out in early December to cut our own Christmas tree down a local tree farm!

(note I did not tell her to pose in this manner! It’s just her personality!)

We buy a new Christmas tree ornament, PV chose this one this year!

We take a visit to see the Big Red Guy!  This was the first year PV was ok with sitting on his lap & visiting!
She’s looking pretty intent on telling him something!

We make various goodies to share with others and munch on at home!
Pretzels with almond bark I have done since my older girls were little!
I can’t wait till next week when ALL of us girls will be together for a Holiday goodie making day!

We also decorate Gingerbread houses… now I will tell you, Milton is kinda competitive and particular on his, it’s just funny!

Celebrating Advent each evening by the tree with our Advent Calendar! This particular calendar is a great one, and you can see how to make your own by visiting Heather @ Dandilions Picked!

We also attend Advent services on Wednesday evenings throughout the month and this year we will attend church on Christmas day.  Honestly, this might be the first time I have attended church on Christmas, I am not sure why I haven’t before since Christmas really is about CHRIST!  Better late than never right?

We gather with our older children and their families, we have the normal extended family gatherings as well.
We eat many good foods and cherish the time with people we don’t see very often. I am excited this year as my brother and his family will be home.  Everyone will be home for Christmas at my Mothers in a couple weeks, it will be a joyous, loud, and a cozy time!

This year our family did send Christmas cards to Holiday Mail for Heroes.

Some new traditions for 2013 I think will be:
Sharing the story of this fine gentleman. I think it might be handy in the future!
 (I didn’t get mine ordered in time for this year!)
Giving back to the community more as a family unit.
Reading Christmas stories each evening verses regular books.

What are some of your holiday traditions?  Did you start any new ones this year?

Thanks for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions

  1. You can borrow my copy of St. Nicholas if you'd like. We will read his story right away in the morning tomorrow, so I could drop it off in your mailbox if you'd like.The gingerbread house is great! I am never patient enough to put that much time into it.Working on our letters today. Thank you so much for finding this particularly fabulous idea!


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