Mushroom Swiss Burgers!

One of our favorite things to eat is Mushroom Swiss Burgers.  So today I am going to share with you how we make them!  It’s pretty simple, yet oh so delish! (or so we think)

First the ingredients!
Ground Beef patties, Button mushrooms, Swiss cheese, Onion, Bread or buns!  The type of bread below is sourdough, but usually we just use whatever we have on hand! The button mushrooms are sliced here, I had used a 12 oz container of whole ones and sliced them myself. On the onion, we used about half of it sliced.  As you can tell, we just kinda guess at how much we want!

Milton grilled the burgers to our liking and I sauteed the mushrooms and onions in about 1 tablespoon of butter.

Once the ingredients were cooked, I toasted our bread and added the hamburger patty.  Then laid a slice of swiss cheese on top, and put it under the broiler until melted.  The final step is adding the mushrooms & onions!

And the final product…… … YUMMINESS!

Do you have a favorite sandwich or burger you like?  Comment below & share if you want too! I am always looking for some new great ways to feed my family!

Thanks for stopping by!


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