New Year – New Beginnings

2013 is just around the corner and I am trying to decide on a few things for the new year. To name a few, should I create a Facebook page for this blog, what purpose is this blog, and where do I want to see it go, what should our budget for 2013 look like, what vacations should we save for, and will I be setting any personal goals for myself?

I am glad when January rolls around each year for the simple reason that it feels like I can start “new” and “fresh” with things.  I can put my best foot forward with a somewhat clean slate and increased motivation.  But to be honest I probably will not have the answer to all these by midnight tonight! I may not even have them by this time next week. I will ponder them alittle longer and hopefully in these slower, snow filled days find the answers to these questions and more that I have in my mind.

I always try to reach my answers through prayer and on occasion I will visit with  a significant person in my life to help in finding an answer.  This person usually is my spouse of course, but close friends sometimes too.

We will bring in the new year by sitting at home relaxing and probably asleep before the first minute of 2013 makes it’s appearance! That is us. Simple, Quiet, but most importantly –  Together.

Do you have any new ideas, goals, thoughts you want to share?    How will your family ring in the New Year?  I hope your 2013 is one full of love, laughter, strength, peace, and healing where needed!

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Shots from our Farm today!

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