Father Daughter Project- Beginning

In my blog intro, one of the statements I have is “the abundant love of a father for his daughter.”  This is in regards to Milton and our 4 year old daughter.  One of my favorite past times is to watch (and listen to) them interacting together. Whether it is while they are playing a board game, reading bible stories at breakfast, or completing a task at the farm.   I find myself smiling a lot during these times, this is where I find joy often.

They have begun a project together, and when I say together, it really is together.  Milton has PV right there with him drawing it out, nailing, cutting, holding, lifting etc! 

 The creation they have begun is a Playhouse!  I must say PV is pretty excited, she can’t wait for her & our granddaughter to play together in it!
I was away this past weekend and when I returned home, 
here is the stage it was at.

I think at this point, she was using it as a stage!

Life doesn’t stop on the farm, they had to take a break from the playhouse
and work on the feed wagon! Milton snapped this shot of our little farmer!

I seriously love this shot Milton got of her!

Don’t worry, she is only filling the nails in the nail gun, 
She isn’t allowed to use it…. YET!

Creating the wall! Hold it steady!

Tim to figure out the window… she thought she needed his hammer!

At the end of day 2, this is where they were at!

When I arrived home last night it was this far!
Building this playhouse brings back memories of when we built our own home.
It was a labor intensive, stressful, blessed, hard, joyful time.
Watching Milton farm and build things makes me one proud wife.
But watching him do it all WITH his daughter, 
with a patience that is astounding,
that brings me joy!

I know this playhouse will be here for many years (pending no tornadoes etc).
Our children and grandchildren can all enjoy it.  
And PV will have memories to boot of building it with her Daddy!
(His abundant love all over this memory!)

Do you have any wonderful memories from your childhood?
You are welcome to share them or keep them tucked away!
My hope today was to bring back a wonderful feeling to you
 and to share what is currently bringing me joy!

Don’t worry, I will continue to update you on the playhouse too!

Thanks for stopping by!

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