My Kitchen Neccessities… or so I think!

On our Facebook page I recently asked our followers what they were interested in for our blog posts and what they would like to read about.  One of them mentioned about kitchen gadgets.  
The funny thing is I had a post in my drafts that I had started a 
very long time ago about my favorite kitchen gadgets!
So hence… a blog post showing my favorites to date is published!
Let me say right now though, I am NOT a Pampered Chef dealer! 
You will know why after reading it!
By the way, this is not a paid advertisement, just my own opinion!
 But if PC wants to pay me, I’d be happy to talk figures! 🙂
This is my Pampered Chef glass batter bowls!
I have no idea why I have not bought another set of them.  
These are looking kinda worn!
This is my Pampered Chef mini spatula….. I LOVE THIS too, seriously!
I need another! I use it ALOT when I make jam!
This is my Pampered Chef…… Mix N’ Chop…. 
( I had to look up it’s official name but I call it my hamburger dealee)
This is our Drainer- we both like it.
Yes, it’s Pampered Chef….
I prefer the measuring spoons like these… I need to get a couple more!
 Yes they are Pampered Chef too!
Measuring cups -Pampered Chef !  
I like that they are clear and the level is nice when smoothing the ingredients evenly!
I have another set (different brand) that are black that I use, but I really like these!
Our knives are Cutco, and when we bought (forked out ALOT of money for the set because the hubby wanted them) we got a FREE cutting board!  
Honestly, I love this cutting board and I am thinking I will need another in the near future.  
I use it so much it is stained and I didn’t want to gross anyone out, 
so I changed the photo to black & white! 🙂 
It is a WELL used item in our kitchen!  It’s clean too! I promise!
I love the grooved edge and it sets so nicely on the cabinet when I chop!
Yes, it’s Pampered Chef, I think I got it due to having a party!
Actually most of my stuff I have I got for having a party.
I guess I need to have another party, it’s been a couple years!
I have found my favorite thing to use it for is when I make Strawberry Jam!
It dices them wonderfully!
This is my favorite thing ABOUT my kitchen!
When we were building our home I saw the slide out pan drawer/holders at Lowe’s.
Yep, I told Milton right then, I WANT THIS!  
As you see, I won, and I love it! I think he does too though!
Ok, he isn’t a utensil but Milton really is a great asset to the kitchen when I am cooking, baking, or making jam.  He puts up with my dramatic tantrums when something isn’t going right, he usually lets me get away with snapping at him when I shouldn’t, 
and he always tells me my food is “good”.  🙂  
We enjoy cooking together and watching cooking shows, 
so it’s a win-win situation in the kitchen AND the living room!
What is your favorite kitchen necessity?
Thanks for stopping by!
PS: Other things I really like & use are:
Nut Grinder (by hand)
Pampered Chef 
Prep Bowls 
Bamboo spoons
Santoku Knife – This was Milton’s favorite!
But unfortunately after having a large family gathering this past year, 
it has disappeared from our home!
I guess the dishwasher ate it!

4 thoughts on “My Kitchen Neccessities… or so I think!

  1. My Pampered Chef items are some of my favorites too! Love the hamburger thingee, the drainer and my batter bowl. Also love the PC flexible cutting mats. For our wedding we got that Cutco board and a Cutco vegetable peeler that is totally awesome. My other favorites are a plastic cheese knife from Cooks Nook and my knockoff brand Magic Bullet blender.


  2. Thank you for commenting Jill! 🙂 I've seen the cutting mats, heard good things from people on them! Cutco rocks! 🙂 LOL My mother in law STILL has her knife set from over 50 yrs ago and they work pretty good! So we will see!


  3. I have tried to pay attention the past few days on what items I particularly like in the kitchen….I have the \”hamburger dealee\” also, but I seem to be a little challanged with it. I feel like I'm all thumbs when I use it…..Darryl enjoys using it though. I have a little Pampered Chef skillet that is PERFECT for frying bacon and making omelets that I just love. We have a set of Cutco knives that we use every day! I do need to send in two for repair since I broke the tips off of them. And finally, I have a manual crank grater that I really like. I used to be really intimidated by it, so we lovingly have named it \”THE INTIMIDATOR\”.


  4. Carla, I didnt care for the hamburger dealee at first but its grown on me! I need to buy a new cheese grater! Im using a metal standup one!:) our other one broke! I am finding lots of people that have Cutco kinda surprising!


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