Now that I have a blog, I wish I would have had it when we were building our home.  A couple reasons are that it would have been nice to have shared what I learned, and took you along on our journey. OH! And perhaps it would have entertained me enough to not bug my husband about “when will it be done”.  He might would have appreciated that I do believe!

If you recall, Milton has worked in construction over 20 years, up until a few years ago he did it full time and farmed part time.  Well those switched, which made him very happy, especially after burning the midnight oil of building our home!

Our house sits in the corner of a field, not to far from my in laws home that they have lived in for over 50 years. ( On a sidenote, my father in law was born in that house, he’s 84, and so were his siblings!) Cool huh?    I hope our home is still in the family when we are long gone.  It’s just another part of our legacy.

It took alittle over 1.5 years to build our home.  To some that may seem a long time, but when you are literally building it yourself (he did have some help from his brothers on occasion, and we are THANKFUL), that’s a SHORT time.  But when we moved in, the only thing left to finish, was the back deck, and it was finished soon after.  My husband begins a project, he will finish it!  Nothing is usually left undone! I like that about him!

When we started building the house, PV looked like this.

The bottom photo is one of my all-time favorites of her!

I didn’t know much about building things, hence, my constant question “when will it be done?”  If I could go back, I would ask that a lot less! 🙂

I am not afraid to get my hands dirty and honestly, I enjoy working with my husband on many different types of things. Since PV was only about 6 months old when we began and we lived about 25 minutes from where we were building, I didn’t get to be as hands on as I would have liked.  But we did spend most of our weekends there!

I really enjoyed watching PV help us around the place and seeing the true patience of her father!  He never really got impatient with our baby girl.  And there was more than once, he would be explaining things to her that were way over her head.  I just giggled at those moments!  That’s another thing I love about him, his patience.

One of my favorite places in this house is my kitchen, as you could have probably guessed.  Milton did a wonderful job with designing and creating it for us.  Oh sure, there were “discussions” about where certain things should be and what type of countertop to have, but it all worked out and I love it. Especially the craftsmanship of my husband’s kitchen cabinets.

I do wish someone would find decorative “stuff” to put on the tops of my kitchen cabinets. I think the open space up there is not “warm and inviting”. Feel free to share ideas! We have been here over 2 years and I still don’t have but a couple items up there!

Milton designed and made the kitchen cabinets.

Here was a  compromise for instance.  He wanted hardwood floors, I didn’t.  Our deal breaker, he cleans the floors, not me.  I did get to choose the floors though, and I have to admit, I love the look! (and that I don’ t have to clean them on a regular basis.)

Milton loved it when my sister suggested this for our bathroom!  🙂 It slides out and holds my blow dryer, straightener, hairspray,and has an electrical plug in in the back!  Cords hidden and so are the items one uses daily!  🙂 Honestly, he gave my sister a funny look when she first suggested it, I obviously fell in love with the idea! 🙂

The second photo is the accent wall in our living / dining room area.  Yea, he wasn’t really happy about painting that.  Have any of you ever painted a dark color?  If you have, you know why he wasn’t thrilled.  But I love it!

My favorite photo.

Honest this was not a posed shot. I just happen to have my camera in my hand at the right moment.

We love our home.  It’s simple, it’s open, it’s a reflection of us.

Thanks for stopping by!

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