Cowgirl Boots, Safari Animals, and 5 Year Olds!

We no longer have a 4 year old in the house! Yep, PV officially turned 5 today!  Time has passed us by at a lightning speed it seems to her Dad & Momma!  Why just yesterday we were becoming a family.  If you haven’ t read that story, you can here, but you might want to find a comfy chair. It’s a long one!

I’m celebrating by naming 5 things I love about her!

1. The fact that she still wants to be with her Mom & Dad most of the time! And she thinks we are still cool!

2. Our Sunrise “Thank you Jesus” morning moments!

3. Her love of hotels/motels.  I am not kidding.  I’m afraid she will be wanting a penthouse hotel suite verses the farm house her Daddy built someday! We really do think she loves them from living in them the first 2 weeks of her life!

4. The “tilt of the head” plus “the grin” she displays when she wants to  go to Grandma’s, get a snack, or watch a little more TV!

5. Her popcorn addiction – because this truly  came from her father’s love of it. She does eat it slower than him though! 🙂

Milton’s particpated in the 5 things he loves about her!

1. The way she giggles.
2. That she loves wrestling with me.
3. Her smile.
4. Her brown eyes.
5.That she helps me with the farm.

I’m very excited about the theme she chose for her birthday cake this year.  Safari Animals!  We searched online to get ideas! And no I do not make her birthday cake.  We order it from the cake lady we always have since we brought her home!  I’m not a cake decorator folks! 🙂

We are blessed with lots of family that came to celebrate with us.  Milton & I took her shopping last week and she got her first pair of cowgirl boots.  Let’s just say I think she looks rockn’ and she LOVES them! 

We have a family dream of going to Africa to see the animals in their
element someday! Can’t wait!

Like I tell her,  “I’m so glad God chose me to be your Mommy”!  She just giggles that giggle her Dad loves so much and says “me too”!  I hope her response never changes or that giggle!

Thanks for stopping by & celebrating with us!

Julie & Milton!

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