Wrinkles & Facebook

I noticed this morning while putting on makeup the excessive amount of wrinkles around my eyes when I smile. They mostly disappear when I don’t smile! But I decided after 5 mins of discussion with myself I would continue to smile because my face looks better that way! 🙂 Go wrinkles, I earned ya! 🙂

I posted this particular set of words on my personal Facebook status one morning.  By the end of the day I had close LIKES.

Can you believe that?  Who knew making humor at myself and turning it with a positive spin would create so many likes!  ( I know, some of you might get alot more than 30 likes on a Facebook status, but that’s HUGE for little ol’ me!)

I thought that would be a good intro to share that my Farmer hubby recently got his own personal Facebook page.  Honestly, he wasn’t too excited about it, and no I didn’t FORCE HIM to do it either.  I left it up to him, but I won’t say I didn’t kindly throw reasons at him here & there as to why he needed one. 

Reasons he needed a Facebook page…….

Our Blog Facebook page.  He is the farmer, I am the primary blogger. I work an “off the farm” job most days of the week, so I am not able to follow him around with my camera while he farms. Hence – he needed a Facebook page, so he could post photos to our blog page of actual farming!

Yes, I could have just signed my account onto his smartphone so he could use it to post, but let’s be honest, my newsfeed is full.  I knew it would drive him insane!  

Let me say right here, my husband is a smart man and works very hard.  He’d rather be using his hands to physically build something or grow something or play ball with his little girl than ever spend much time on Facebook.  That’s one of the things I love about him.  

But during this “training period” I will admit, I don’t have much patience.  I wasn’t born with it, and although it has grown alot in the last 10 years, I’m still impatient when it comes to technology & showing my husband things.  I’m sure when the time comes for him to teach me to drive that semi-tractor or tractor or combine or grain truck, he will be able to relate! 🙂

Here shortly he will be planting corn and checking that wheat that is coming out of dormancy, and I do believe he should be documenting it!  Don’t you agree????

Well if so, then WE would LOVE to hear from you folks! Show Milton you really want to hear about his day, his farming activities, and all the fun he has while feeding the world!  Head on over to our Facebook page, and comment something!

Oh and throw alittle silliness in there, we love silly here on the farm!  Like,  Hey Milton , what’s the view from your tractor cab like today! Farmer Milton, whatcha up to today!? 🙂 What’s the grain prices Milton! 🙂 Milton, could you take a photo of yourself in your favorite farm cap! (ok he probably won’t do the last one, but wouldn’t it be fun to post that! 🙂 

(No he didn’t approve this post prior to me publishing it! Remember, I like the element of surprise!)  (insert mischievous laugh)

Actually,I’m happy that Milton is participating even more in our little “blog world”.  Being partners and actively doing the things that we love together builds for a stronger relationship.  Farming is just one aspect of our relationship we are partners in.  I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for our “partnership”!

OH! Don’t forget to share our Facebook page with others, we would really like to grow the sunbeams we have over there! 🙂  You guys rock! 

Thanks for stopping by!


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