Proud of Oneself

* Excuse the big gaps in this post. Blogger is not fixable apparently! 😦

As I worked out this morning, some inspiration came to me for a blog post.  So here it is! I hope it helps you to find the “pride” within you!  

I decided that sometimes we don’t feel good about ourselves enough or take any time to be proud of ourselves.  Whether it’s the upset toddler pulling at your leg, demands at your job, money stresses, or too many committments, we never stop to think about the little (or big) successes in our lives. So today, let’ do just that!  

I’d like you to stop for 5 minutes and think of all the things in the recent month that you are proud of yourself about.  Did you accomplish a new task, learn a new language, make a recipe masterpiece, run two more miles than usual, or spend more time with God, learn how to run a piece of machinery, mark something off your bucket list,  chose to play with your child more or treat your spouse like the million bucks they deserve?! 

Here are a few of mine.   

The fact that I have exercised 15 out of 19 days.

That I took the time and filled this with healthier snacks and made it easier for my family to get to in the frig.

That we started reading this book at dinner time as a family.

That I started reading the bible. It’s on my 50 before 50 list.  It’s a slow process but I’m determined to be successful! Even if I don’t understand everything I read in it!

That I started a new craft project and didn’t quit.  I am not posting a photo as I plan to blog about it real soon! I am hoping the roles will be reversed and that YOU all will give me some inspiration to make more of them!  

Today I wanted you to just love yourself, and feel the inner pride that is ok to have.  (and on those days I am not feeling so great, I wanted documentation to come back to so I could be lifted up! 🙂

Take a moment and just relish in the fact that you are a success, no matter how large or small the task.  

YOU are a winner and YOU matter!  

Thanks for stopping by!  

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