Creative Cute Cups!

I’m kind of excited to share with you a recent craft project, for a couple reasons.  It was pretty inexpensive to put together and I think they are darling! I hope you do too!

I have come to really like the Dollar Tree store recently and found these cups while there this past weekend! I was actually searching for clear plastic cups with a lid and straw! Unfortunately they did not have those……

BUT I found these!

They are small cups that you can pull apart and a child could decorate the paper inside!  Well, this time I was the child! 🙂  When I saw them I thought, oh these would be a good practice item for my Cricut vinyl and the two “little girls” in my life would like them! So I snagged them up for $1 a piece! BARGAIN!

I had several colors of vinyl that I have actually had for quite awhile.  I bought up on some and then fell out of the Cricut making fun! Glad I’m back in it!  I came home and got right to work! I took the template of paper inside the cup and cut a new  piece from white cardstock.

Then I created the girl’s name and polka dots on the Cricut Craft Room online.  It’s free and is easy to use with my Cricut. 
Once I got the vinyl cut, I placed them on the cardstock template, and tada!

 A decorated cup! 

Now the cups will need to be disassembled to be washed, but I figure for $1, I can do that!  The “little girls” loved them and that was definitely worth the time and effort put into them!

You could use vinyl to decorate any sort of cup.  This vinyl was not the “outdoor” vinyl as is instructed to use on cups and items to be washed. But I figured I was safe since I was actually putting the design on cardstock and not the actual cup.  

I am still in search of clear cups with lid and straw, if you happen to know of where I can find some, please comment below!  

These are great gift ideas as well! You could decorate a cup and fill it with goodies for a teacher, friend, co-worker, appreciation gift, etc!  Or you could decorate smaller cups for children’s groups such as students, vacation bible school attendees, Sunday school, etc!  

This is a great idea to make & sell too, if you happen to have a Cricut! 

Thanks for stopping by!

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