A Parade and A Thank You

As I had mentioned on our Facebook page this past week, our family was walking in our local county parade on Friday.  We were representing not only the fact that we believe in Farmers and are Farmers, but also 

We all got tshirts to wear! 🙂  Check them out!
The backside said this……..
If you aren’t familiar with this “line” you can find the story behind it here.
This is what we walked beside/behind! 
John Deere Sprayer

As we walked down the street, I heard someone say
” that’s a big tractor, that’s a really big tractor.”
Honestly, I giggled at first, and then my next thought was, that’s why we blog.
To help educate non-farm individuals about the equipment used, 
crops produced, cattle that that are fed, planting seasons, and much more!
So they can learn how the food on their table comes to be.

I’m proud our family farms.
I’m proud we belong to a rural community.
And I’m glad that people are beginning to realize 
that learning about Agriculture is important!

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog.
THANK YOU FOR SHARING our blog so others can learn too.

Thank you for being a part of the world that cares and that wants to be educated.

Thank you for supporting your local farmers and ranchers!

Julie & Milton &  Family

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