The Pre-K Gig Is Up!

You might recall that our youngest daughter began her academic career this past August.  If you want to revisit or read it for the first time, you can here

Now that her pre-kindergarten gig is up, I wanted to document the last day of school on our blog.  Milton & I spent the morning with her watching her  and her classmates do several things.

First we listen to the kiddos sing, then we watched as each one got a special award.  Paige’s was for the one who used the computer the most.  I had to laugh, because we don’t really let her on the computer at home very much at all! 

We then headed outside for fun and games for field day! It was an absolutely lovely day!

She is very SERIOUS about her shaving cream washing of the bicycle!  Such intensity!  I just hope she doesn’t decide to try it on our vehicles at home!  

It was so much fun, Dad had to join in too!

We watched her blow bubbles!

 And chase them with friends!

There were lots of giggles, playing to be done, hotdogs to eat, tball to be played, and friends to play with one last time before summer!  

These Pre-K days, they are pretty wonderful to watch, we can’t wait to see what the next school year will bring.  But now is the t

ime to get into a summer reading program, try Tball for the first time, and spend our evenings in the yard, with a later bedtime than usual.  Until next August, that’s all for the school side of things!

Thanks for stopping by and allowing us to share our family, faith, feelings with you!
Julie & Milton

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