Wheat Harvest 2013 – A Few Days In

It’s Saturday and the 5 year old woke up and stated first thing she wanted to ride in the combine with Dad!  Honestly, I am surprised she lasts as long as she does, but I think she enjoys her time alone with Daddy! I’m grateful for her willingness!

They began cutting about 10:00 am.  I later found out when I took him lunch that she had taken  her small electric piano with her that morning!  🙂  Yes Daddy didn’t get hard rock, but he did get lovely piano music with serenading by PV I’m sure! 🙂

I was able to makeup for the Peanut butter and Homemade Jam sandwich my husband received for dinner on Friday night.  I made roast beef with peppers/onions, and provolone cheese on a hoagie bun.  He seemed to have enjoyed it, and those Snickerdoodles I mentioned on our Facebook page.  Yea, he liked those even better!  So I am in the process of making a 2nd batch for the upcoming week.  I threw in homemade potato salad for lunch too!  Tomorrow we will be pulling one of those freezer meals from this post out to enjoy after church!

Unfortunately, the combine header decided to have a bearing go out.  So here came the combine back to the farm yard this afternoon, and Dad in law headed out on a parts run.  This isn’t what a farmer really wants during harvest, but things happen.  My husband is pretty patient, but now that we are into a couple hours  of this, his fuse is alittle shorter than usual!  

Bearings inside this are broke!

Time to take it apart!

Trying to take another section apart
I have done what I can to help.  I’ve taken water over and given him moral support.  At times I feel like that is all I can do.  Nourish him with food, be kinder than usual, rub his sore back, and bring him drinks!  I’m so glad I can at least do that for him. He works very hard for our family.

I wanted to show this photo, because as I sit in the combine with him, alot of times I am amazed how well he handles this large piece of equipment!  Perhaps I can video him sometime! 🙂 

While driving the combine he is constantly watching the sides of the header to make sure he is catching all the wheat, so not to miss any.  The steering wheel controls this of course, but he does it himself. The lever his right hand is on, that one is for the header.  It controls the header speed and to go up and down.  Milton is very smooth at maneuvering this large piece of equipment.  When he unloads getting close to the edge of the ditch to reach the semi truck, and when turning around.  He drives like its alittle tiny car… just cool to me!  

Well I am going to go ahead & publish this post although the repairs are on their way to being finished!  The new parts are being put on as I type!  Hopefully he can get back into the field tonight!

Thanks for stopping by!

One thought on “Wheat Harvest 2013 – A Few Days In

  1. It can be frustrating when you feel like there is very little you can do to help. I am in those shoes quite often too. It's nice when they love what they do though, enough at least to get them through the breakdowns and frustrations.I like the pic from inside the combine. Would love to see more of those, and yes a video would be awesome!


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