Wheat Harvest 2013 – Further Into It

Well we are a good  6 days into wheat harvest and have 
approximately 300 acres of the 900 cut.

We’ve had a couple breakdowns that have slowed us a tad, but rain has only sprinkled, and held us out of the field a minor 15 minutes or such. In the 10 years I have been in the family, I don’t recall the combine, or this year the header, having many breakdowns.  So I presume it is time, just like our bodies, the equipment wears out.  Although I have even heard in the area about a fire that was caused by a bearing falling out of a brand new combine.  
So there is always a risk with anything, farming wouldn’t be any different!

First, as you read HERE, we had a bearing go out on the header.  Milton replaced a few items while having the wobble (isn’t that a funny word! wobble wobble wobble!)box tore apart.  Then about 9:30 pm last night the sickle broke on the header. 
 So they called it a night, and brought the combine and trucks home.  

Early this morning at 6:00 am my husband rose and headed back to the farm yard.  

Time to inspect the damaged sickle. 

The sickle is the long metal item on the ground that Milton is inspecting.
It cuts the wheat.

 I wondered over there about 45 minutes later and he was deciding whether he should try to weld it or not. Yes, the farm wife actually said (because she is tired of breakdowns and no hubby at home mind you) “can’t you just buy a new one?  You weld it, it breaks again, and it puts you further behind, right?”  He looks at me, thinks some more, I leave.  When I come back searching for him with farm daughter in tow, Dad in law tells me they are getting a new one.  SEE!  Farm wife Julie does know a good thing… once in awhile! 🙂 Haha HeHe!

Here’s a photo of harvested wheat close up!

PV is sweeping the wheat into the pit.  
The trucks unload the wheat into the pit, 
then it goes up into the auger, and 
down into the appropriate grain bin.

Wheat isn’t the only thing currently growing at our farm.
ONE of the other crops is CORN! Irrigated corn!
I wanted to show you how tall it is now so I put PV next to it!
This morning Milton was heading to get soybeans to be planted.
We plant other crops in the fields where wheat was harvested.
We do this for a few reasons, such as crop rotation is better for the soil and fields, 
this aides in keeping unwanted weeds at bay, and if the crop is good producing, 
there is probably extra income as well.

This is not insurable and we take a risk. 
But we feel it’s worth the risk to have that extra income.
The other reason we plant crops after the wheat is to rotate the crops.
This usually creates better crops and aides the soil.

Grain Sorghum or Milo will be planted as well. 
June and the first part of July are extremely busy times for our farm.   

I just had to throw this photo in!
Someone is missing her Dad! 
 So he got extra hugs & back scratches this morning from her!

I will end with the view that Milton had from his combine cab last night.
It was pretty amazing.
You all know how we love a good sunset!
Praise be to God for this beauty and the plentiful harvest before us!

Thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “Wheat Harvest 2013 – Further Into It

  1. So glad that harvest is going good! Some wonderful pictures. What a view MV had from the combine. God is so Good!


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