Harvest Over But Work Continues

Now that the wheat has been harvested, it’s time to move onto other things here at the farm.  Although wheat harvest lasted 12 days this year, we can’t complain 
about the blessings God provided for this harvest.  
I plan to do a more detailed post about wheat harvest finishing out at a later time.  

Today my husband and father in law were in the same field, but doing different things.  I waited to get a photo of them both in shot together, but you will have to look REALLY hard. 
 The lens on my camera would only zoom so far!

RV is in the orange tractor on the left side of the photo stacking large round bales.
Milton is planting forage sorghum.  The straw from the wheat harvest was so thick, we had to get it out of the way before planting. The forage sorghum is what we will feed our calves when we purchase them this fall.  So we needed to get it in the ground ASAP!  
No holidays for this farmer, at least not for about 3/4 of the day!
We do not bale our own fields, we hire it done, by a local neighbor.

They were planting next to the irrigation center pivot.  You can see our home, my view from the back deck is of whatever is currently planted in this field.  Which right now would be corn.  I took a photo of PV in front of it in this post on June 25, 2013.

In the near future the center pivot will be getting some work done on it. 
We are currently waiting for the irrigation company to come replace some pipes.

The chirps or shall I say Ladies are doing fine.  No eggs yet.
  PV still checks on them daily.
So not much to report from that area of the farm.

Tomorrow they will start planting some soybeans I do believe.  

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