Beautiful Quiet Mornings

The 5 year old in our home was the first one out of bed
this morning and actually dressed!
I can only hope she feels the same way about starting school this coming week!
Her anticipation for “egg finding” was quite high and
 that was the reason for the fully dressed by herself morning! 
We all headed over to the chicken coop to see if there was any to be found!  
First we “freed” the Ladies, they were anxiously waiting to be released into the farmyard!

Their “run” is quite muddy, I’d want to be free too!

PV found ONE egg this morning!
  I wish we knew which chicken was laying these little jewels!
The egg this morning was smaller than last nights, but same color.

PV decided she wanted cereal verse eggs this morning,
so they are both waiting patiently in our frig to be ate! 🙂

The chicken coop sits in the farmyard, so we took the road home verses tromping through mud once again!
We went to our water logged garden to inspect it!
We found two of these little guys!

In amongst our carrots! I don’t know if I have
mentioned it, but I LOVE cooked carrots!
I can not wait to have some for supper this evening!

We have decided to put the dill worms into a jar.
We wanted to show PV about how they turn into butterflies!

This Saturday morning has been delightful in
 the fact that it was lovely weather with sunshine.
I was able to do my online learning for my new job on
the front porch, MV & PV ran to the lumber yard
to gather supplies for the church roof repair next week,
and now they are cleaning out the chicken coop.
(So sorry I am busy and had to miss that last job! NOT!)

I hope your Saturday morning has been one of delight as well!
I’m heading back to the online learning after lunch! I never thought I’d say
I’m sick of being in front of a computer, but that time has in fact came!
I’m excited about the upcoming week though! It will be busy but I get
to visit with LOTS of people, and start building relationships and help others!

May your weekend be blessed!
Thanks for stopping by!

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