Joys, Photos, & Corn Harvest

The past couple days have been rough ones for me.  Those thoughts of doubt and no results coming from my phone calls or connections is the reason this is true.  But towards the end of the day I was fortunate to have an appointment with someone that has been a client of the office I work in for many years.  After leaving the appointment I felt uplifted and hoping to make this a “go”.  I felt “this is why I want to do this”, and “this is how I’d like to feel on those first appointments”. I am thankful for that meeting today.

The joys of the day didn’t end there.  Tonight I was lucky enough to:

  • See my daughter sitting on Daddy’s lap “driving the combine” and pulling up to our backyard so she could come in the house.
  • Generations  working together to harvest the corn.
  • Cooking an entire supper for my family.
  • Doing homework with my 5 year old.
  • Having a husband that knows how rare it is to have dinner together these days, and comes off the combine just long enough to eat with us.  And I didn’t tell him to, but because he knew it would make me happy.
  • Stroll over to the chicken coop to watch my little girl gather 7 eggs with excitement and deliver them to Grandma, because we have way to many at our house!
  • Have my “not so little” girl, sit on my lap while I read to her about lions, tigers, and cats!
  • Congratulation cards in the mail from someone that I know truly means it when they share how proud they are of me.
  • People who care, people who give others chances, offer advice, and open their door to me help me move forward.
  • Long pep talks from my biggest cheerleader. 🙂

Life is good.  It’s always good, but sometimes I/we get so wrapped up in the fear and the “yucky” of life we forget.  I treasure this day, it’s ended lovely.

Here are a few photos I snapped this evening.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them!

Thanks for stopping by!

And this is why we chose….
In Between the Sunsets of Life
as the blog name!

Harvest Sunset

 I love these two so much!

Silly Farm Kids!

And just for fun, when we went to get the eggs, I notice
 I was wearing my apron still from cooking supper. 
So I had PV take a photo, cause I wanted to
 document I really am a Farmer’s Wife Apron and All! 🙂

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