Introducing Charlie

Here’s where we introduce the newest member of our family!  His name is Charlie. 

Actually it’s Charlie Martin Vogts.  Yep that is his official name via our 5 year old daughter!  (Martin is after her most recent favorite cartoon, WILD KRATTS. It’s actually a very good show and she has learned alot about animals! GO PBS!)

He is half Blue heeler, quarter Australian shepard, and quarter Catahoula.  So far he is quite sweet and all puppy.  PV did take some time to warm up to him, but she is gradually becoming pals.  She had been bitten a few weeks ago by a dog, so we knew it might take awhile.  

Although he will be an outdoor dog, he does come in currently in the evenings for play time until the weather is nicer.  We found them last night like this……….

Even though the dog was originally for PV, I think Milton has come to be quite happy about him.  I foresee Charlie riding in the pickup and following him around in no time around the farm.

So on occasion you will see posts and pictures of our new pal!

An update on the farm:

                                                  Chickens are not laying as many eggs.  

Milton and I are browsing the area for a newer 
combine as the time has come to seriously start looking!

Cattle will be leaving the farm in a couple weeks.

Before we know it, Milton will be planting corn, April is almost here!

We will be celebrating PV’s 6th birthday this week, so very hard to believe!
I hope to be able to blog more with spring around the corner!
May your days be filled with joy!
Thanks for stopping by and meeting Charlie!

One thought on “Introducing Charlie

  1. Great post, Vogts have their own Charlie the Ranch Dog, did the Pioneer Woman influence his name any? 🙂 Your comments on MV sounds like DH when we got Macy last year, supposedly for the kids and she spends 80% of her day with 'Dad' LOL


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