Day 1 and Day 2,186

Celebrating PV’s birthday this week.

The photo on the left is  1 day old 
and the one on the right, 
it’s 2,186 days old.

To read about our first day with our daughter, 
you can check out this blogpost.

Today she is 2,186 days old.  
We have had 2,186 days with this child.  
We have spent some of those days rocking her, bouncing on an exercise ball, teaching her to walk, watching her play tball, teaching her to cook, watching movies and cuddling.  Some of the days have been spent away from her but mostly with her.  Some of the days were spent teaching her the Word of God and some were planting a garden or two.  
A few were spent in farm equipment or dropping off at school, appreciating the sunrises, and answering hard questions. 
Some on vacations and 
some were holding hands for no reason.

Many things have occurred in 2,186 days.

 Every ordinary day is precious.
Sometimes we forget that.
But today I want to celebrate her.

She turns 6 on 2,191 days old. 

I just want to celebrate what she has been, 
what is she becoming, 
and where she is headed.

Time for me to not waste any more precious time.
Hugging my (soon to be) 6 year old is in order!

Thanks for stopping by and spending a moment with me!

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