Work or Fun- It’s Family Time!

This weekend has been more of a working weekend more than anything, and to be honest, I’ve loved it!  I guess I had some extra energy stored away somewhere!   Since wheat harvest is just around the corner, probably the third week of June, we need to get as much done that we can around our home.  The Farmer is pretty much MIA during that timeframe.  Once the harvest is going and done, it’s time to plant our double crop milo.

This weekend we spent Saturday mulching the garden and mowing the lawn.  Then headed into the garage to declutter and organize!  The Farmer wasn’t too excited about that but he joined in and it looks great now!  

I’m pretty excited about this! I got all my canning and jam making stuff organized today! Last year I didn’t get to make as much jam as I normally do.  But this year I plan to “jam away!” 🙂  I just opened my last jar of peach jam, and that is my personal favorite!  I love to use Colorado peaches to make jam!  

Although it’s not too pretty, it’s organized and labeled.  I “reused”  some sheetrock nail containers on the top shelf for my lids and bands.  That lovely blue tape is the best to use when you are painting walls and need to cover edges.  Don’t worry I always wash and boil everything before using them!

This morning was no different from Saturday for us!  I woke up way too early and decided to throw a zuchinni cake together, and cheesy potatoes for our lunch.  Then headed out to put the shelf together for my canning assortment!

We have had two trees and a lilac bush to plant for a week, so Milton headed out to plant the cherry tree before church.  We have a few fruit trees and this year we are excited because the peach tree has fruit on it!

I wanted to share a few photos from the Cherry tree planting!  PV joined her Dad and got right in there to help!  For those of you that know my husband (and me), you will understand the need for the tape measure!  Doesn’t everyone measure to have their fruit trees exactly the same distance apart???  WE DO! 🙂

Teaching a child is one of the best gifts a person can give!

Charlie is supervisor of course!

Let’s get our hands alittle dirty shall we?

Hopefully we can watch this cherry tree grow as we watch PV continue to grow!  All done just in time to clean up and head to church! 

Although our weekend was full of work, it was wonderful because we were doing it together. Our family is lucky to have what we do, and we know that we owe it all to our Heavenly Father.  

We hope your weekend was as fun filled as ours!  Thanks for stopping by!


3 thoughts on “Work or Fun- It’s Family Time!

  1. Julie,Even not so fun jobs can be enjoyable with the right attitude and people.It's amazing how busy we stay. Most of our major cattle work is done, most of the crops are sprayed and we feel caught up enough that we are not in a rush to get up in the morning. If things keep up like they are, good moisture and sunshine, we will be haying by June 20th. We enjoy the breather after a long winter and crazy April and May.Good Luck with your yard and garden projects!


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