Growth, Damage, & Livin This Dream

Last evening after our daughter’s tball game we decided to go check the mulberry trees in the fields.  They should be ripe in the very near future, but we were disappointed to find that most of them must have gotten hit by the frost this past winter.  
We only have one tree with some on them.  
I will go check them again this weekend, to see if there is enough for one batch of jam.

The trees sit next to a wheat field. 
 This year, the wheat is not very tall at all, and is currently quite muddy in the fields. 
The combines will probably be running slower through the mud and muck.
We are grateful for the rain, but it does make a difference when harvesting.

We traveled over to the corn field to inspect it. I had not been there since it was about 2 weeks planted I think. 
 I was amazed at what some rain will do for a crop!
Over at my friend Nicole’s blog,  A Kansas Farm Mom 
she has this great series she is writing.
Her son won some corn seed and she is telling the story of it from start to finish!
His corn has “brace roots” already, ours doesn’t.  His was planted before ours. 
Go check it out here! It’s pretty interesting!
This particular field was hit by the last hail storm. 
You can see the damage on the leaves of the corn stalks in these photos.

We will watch the corn to see how it grows!
 Here Dad is teaching PV about
the hail damage on the leaves.
There is an old silo that sits in this field.
It takes me back to my childhood, we had one 
on our farm when I was PV’s age.
One of our favorite things to do as a family is to go for a ride on the UTV 
and just tour what we call our “community”.  
The fields we farm, the ones our neighbors farm, 
and just enjoy the rural Kansas life. 
Laughter and lessons can be heard if you listen as we ride. 
 It’s all about our rural living,it’s all about sustaining
 the dream our family has built for four generations.
Thank you for stopping by today!

2 thoughts on “Growth, Damage, & Livin This Dream

  1. I love how you can find joy among the sorrows in farming! It's a life of ups and downs we definitely have to adjust to. Great pictures! I especially love the old silo in the field. My eye tends to catch those along our landscapes! 🙂


  2. I, too, use a human \”measuring stick\” to signal growth in our fields. I loved the photo of your husband and daughter together in the corn field. I enjoyed spending a little time reading some of your posts. Hope harvest is going well for you! From another Kansas farm wife and my blog, Kim's County Line


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