Amber Waves of Grain- 2014

My friend that recently moved to Nebraska and into a town, 
is missing the amber waves of grain she used to see out her window.  
So this post is dedicated to her!   
The wheat this year, as I have mentioned in this post,
has been affected by the lack of rain.
It is not tall at all.
I think from this year forward, I will take a photo of my husband,
 standing in the wheat field at harvest time, so I can compare each year.  
Wheat harvest is pretty much just around the corner, I mean it’s like right here almost!  
For instance, if the rain would hold off tonight, you would probably
 find my husband in the wheat field tomorrow afternoon in the red combine!  
We headed out to inspect fields, here’s those photos I promised.  
Milton in the field that is ready to harvest today.

Milton in the field a few weeks ago, as you can tell it has not gotten much taller.

On the next four, I did not do any editing of the photos, 
other than to put the blog name.
This field is ready, other than the  soil is muddy.
If the rain stays away tonight, we might be able to 
get in tomorrow afternoon to start 2014 Wheat Harvest!

Here is some of the wheat from the field, up close & personal!

Here is another field that is a different variety of wheat.
It isn’t quite ready. 
Edited photo of wheat.

Milton decided it was time to teach PV one of the ways he checks to see if the wheat is ready.
It’s quite scientific you know! So pay close attention! 🙂
See photos in order from left to right!
#1 – Picking a head of wheat.
#2 – Cup your hand, and in the palm thresh the head, so the kernels come out.
#3 – Get the big chaff & trash, keep rubbing around till clean.
#4 – Then blow the final chaff out.
#5 – Chew the wheat to see how hard it is.
If it is hard, it’s ready to try cutting. 
See I told you it was scientific! NOT!
I was trying to think of a caption for the next picture, and I couldn’t come up with one.
Any suggestions?  
Feel free to list in comments or on our Facebook page!
Thanks for stopping by friends!

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