I made my way back into the kitchen two weekends ago.  
I made a large amount of Bierocks and they turned out delish! 
 I love cooked cabbage! 
 I finally found a bread dough I really like for my bierocks.  

I am linking back to where it’s from Pam’s Bierocks over at Allrecipes.com .  
I find alot of great recipes from that website.   

Here we are – ready to create!

I used dental floss to separate my pieces so they were more or less even!

I had made a double amount of meat since the reviews said it was more dough than needed. 
 I didn’t use the entire mixture, so I make some more and will freeze them.  
These will be good for a harvest meal or two.

Do you have a favorite recipe you would like me to showcase?
I’d be happy to try something new! 
Feel free to let me know in comments or on our Facebook page!

Thanks for stopping by!

I also got to make my first batch of Strawberry Jam for the 2014 season!

4 thoughts on “Bierocks

  1. Pinning this and coming back! I will be trying those bierocks. Magigail will love this recipe! As for the dental floss. I tried using it to cut my cinnamon rolls, but it gets too slippery and I can't hold onto it. I use kite string instead.


  2. I haven't been on in a few weeks, and saw this post! I just made some myself on Tuesday 🙂 We have Bierocks a lot in the summer. My family loves these!


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