Snapshots of Precious Things

Her and I had just arrived home.  
We were standing in our yard witnessing her father once again harvest wheat.  
She happens to look up , I had my smartphone in hand.
  I am so very glad I did.
This individual is: 
A Farmer’s Daughter.
A Child of God.
A Blessing to our Family.
A Determined Girl.
A Silly Smiling Character.
And SO much more!
I can’t seem to find words for these next two photos.
Feel free to comment with any you might think of when you look at them.

Wheat – I was going to edit this one, but just couldn’t.
I think it is naturally beautiful.
So representing of our Kansas heritage.
Strong. Bendable. Beautiful.
The Brown eyed susans in my yard, next to the blackberries.
They were not planted by us, the birds of the air did this display.
I think they did a lovely job.

Thanks for stopping by today.
I hope you enjoyed the photos.
Feel free to share.


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