Coffee with the Savior – Show Me Your Pictures – Chapter 6

“You will seek Me and find Me….” Jeremiah 29:13

“Only when they shared these verbal pictures would their children understand fully the character of the great I AM, the God whom they worshiped.”

(Excerpt from page 86 of bible study book by Kristen Myers)

God requested of Moses to be sure to explain to the Isaelites how important it was for them to tell the stories to the next generation and the one after that and so on.  God knew that they would not really encompass what occurred unless they passed along the wonderous events He made possible!

They were stories for the children to pass on to their children.  Imagine  if you will, the children sitting around in the evening, listening to parents and grandparents tell of these life changing times! There were not picture books, digital tablets, or even crayons.  The children creating pictures in their mind!

The stories of walking between two walls of seawater, or how food was readily available each morning. Just enough for the day, just enough for them to survive.  Or how Moses used his staff to spring water from a dry rock!  God wants us to continue to tell the future generations of all the stories from the Bible.  These specific, beautiful, and encouraging stories can be found in Exodus 13-17. Wouldn’t it be a great place to start?

The events were miraculous, God’s hand was in all of them.

Can you think of a time, looking back, that you see how God played a hand in a particular event in your life?

I can.

In fact, recently I found myself standing in a card store, browsing the selection to find a card for a friend that was struggling.  He used a particular card to speak to me, but what was more evident was the fact that he also used a stranger. This person knew nothing of me, other than the few times I had shopped there before, she never made it a point to show me any products, just a friendly greeting like any good retail worker would do.  This day was different, this day, she came to me, pointed to a particular card, and the words she said to me made me stand there with my mouth hanging open, and shock running through my body. (In a good way I might add) It was basically God slapping me across the face and saying HELLO! YOU KNOW WHAT I WANT YOU TO DO! TRUST ME!

This study isn’t about me, it’s about God and  how He uses people and us to share his Word.  To be able to share it, we must be in it.

Daily. It’s hard sometimes, I know. I fail in reading my Bible. I have learned a great deal just by participating in a weekly bible study, and I’m telling you, when we don’t have them, I struggle!

There are many ways to be in the Word, reading the bible is best, but here are few ways to start with something, if you aren’t currently delving into the Word of God!

  • Find a bible buddy!  Challenge each other! Choose a book of the bible. Jot down questions you might have and things to discuss with one another over a smoothie or coffee or chocolate!
  • Join a weekly bible study.
  • Ask your Pastor to aide you.
  • Audio!  Play cd’s while you ride in the car! 
  • Attend worship and Sunday school.  If you don’t have a church home or need help, let me know, I will do what I can!
  • Pray. Just talk to God. He will lead you. ” Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.” James 4:8
  • Listen to Christian music.
If you feel discouraged or unsure, let someone help you.  Just remember, that friend, Pastor, bible study partner, spouse, mentor, or even a stranger could have been sent by God.  And one day, you may be the one helping another.
Let’s pray.
Gracious God,
We come before you with our eyes open and  our hearts sometimes discouraged, may we look to you for continued encouragement.  We draw near to you, while in your Word, help us to thirst for the events that you taught so many and still are to this day.  Forgive us when we doubt You and Your ways.  May we remember to share your word not only with our children and families and friends, but others as well.  In Jesus name we pray. Amen
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