Coffee With the Savior – We’ll Have to Do This Again – Chapter 7

“when you seek Me….” Jeremiah 29:13

Do you find yourself using email, text messaging, or Facebook to “connect” with your friends?  In our study, the author touches on how these relationship tools could cost us from nurturing our friendships. 
It made me stop and think.  Aren’t these  better, easier, more frequent ways to “connect” with our friends and build those lasting relationships?  Part of me is in agreement and part of me is not.  It’s a battle within me. For I know sitting across from a friend having coffee and pie is way more fulfilling than sending her a smiling face or thumbs up! Yet what if we never make time for each other face to face?
I mean, how easy is it for us, or our friend, to ignore the text/email/Facebook message and never respond.  I’m sure I’ve done it and I know I’ve been the recipient of some of these, it certainly doesn’t strengthen the relationship!  But when that little notification shows up on my smartphone on Facebook or I hear the text “ding”, well I get alittle smile on my face!
How do you feel about social media, text messaging, emailing, twitter, and so forth?  Do you think it enables or disables relationships?  Ponder that, but let’s take a moment to visit Moses once again.
See, Moses spent time face to face with our God.  He was lucky enough to sit for 40 days and 40 nights in God’s presence.  (Exodus 24:18)  When he came down from being with God, Moses face glowed!  I mean who wouldn’t want to glow? Someday, we too, as baptized children of God will get to sit with Him.  Until that time, let’s move towards growing that relationship in the ways we can.
Although we can’t send God a text or email message or even a Facebook post on his timeline, we can visit him daily.  Since we are baptized children, we can choose anytime of day to sit with him.  To bask in his presence and take in what He is offering.  Through reading the bible, praying, completing devotions, or through song.
He is offering strength, comfort, endurance, peace, joy, and so much more!  Visiting with God can be as simple as “thank you for this bread for my toast” or “I need someone to hug me Lord, please send them today.”  The way we speak to him should always be respectful but it doesn’t have to be a script or spell-checked, just speak from your heart. 

We allow other things, me included, to distract us from our daily time with God.  If I spent as much time with Him as I do visiting Facebook or even surfing the web, it would be so much better for me.  So, we need to take the distractions, whatever they may be (TV, crafts, surfing the web, Facebook, Twitter, etc) and place them aside.  

Whether it’s reading a few chapters of the bible daily during lunch, reading a devotion, getting up 15 minutes earlier to do so, or going to sleep with your trusty bible on your chest, let’s do this! Let’s open our hearts and minds to God’s Word and delve into a deeper conversation with the Great I Am!

Because where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am among them. (Matthew 18:20)

And if it helps to have a friend to sit face to face and talk about the Word, be sure to order your favorite drink and dessert! You never know, you might both be glowing by the end of your face to face time together!

Let’s pray.

Gracious Father,
Thank you for the opportunity to be led into Your word with this bible study and those who believe in Your ways.  May the distractions of this life be put aside and we make the commitment to try again today to grow.   We ask for your mighty forgiveness when we choose the distractions over you.  Having Your grace is one of the luckiest things, keep us from leaving it behind.   May we gather with those that strengthen us in Your ways.

In Jesus Name we pray, Amen.  

*NOTE: The last session, Chapter 8 will not be published until Friday, July 25th.  

2 thoughts on “Coffee With the Savior – We’ll Have to Do This Again – Chapter 7

  1. There's nothing like opening your page and being called on the carpet. Setting aside devotion time each day has been a challenge. I will do it though…soon…like tomorrow! Yes and yes to all of it!


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