Family Vacation 2014

We took our annual family vacation this past week.  It was much needed as wheat harvest and other activities were quite stressful this year for us.  

We headed out to see some dear friends of ours in Nebraska. It brought us joy to see their new home, reconnect, and have our children play together once again.

I will say they pulled out this lovely game while we were there! I had not played it for YEARS!  

I might also mention that I won, I am thinking there will be a re-match in the future and who knows if I get to retain that title! 🙂  They are serious game players these two on the left. Not the adorable baby, but I’m sure she will pickup a few things from Mom & Dad along the way!

Then we headed onto Colorado.  Milton loves Colorado. I think if he didn’t farm in Kansas, that is where he would live for sure!  He goes there annually to hunt elk and deer. So it was the perfect place for him to relax!

We decided to head over to Fort Collins, Colorado.  One place that I want to be sure to share about is the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery. ( They are not paying me to say any of this either, but if they wanted to, that’d be cool! 🙂

This museum was interactive and we loved it.  PV enjoyed all areas of it.  If you want a fun time for a few hours, be sure to put this on your list to check out!

Here PV is “lifting” a piano! 

There were various areas to fill your time.  One that I really enjoyed was the farming section.  I plan to blog about it in the near future.

While in Fort Collins, Colorado there was public art, shops, and great restaurants!  There were several transformers and pianos about town that were beautiful pieces of art.

We headed up to the Rocky Mountain National Park and visited Estes Park, Colorado.  PV and Milton had the opportunity to play in the snow in July!

Although we love the wheat fields of Kansas, these mountains were pretty breathtaking!  God’s creations never cease to amaze me!

We were able to meet up with one of my cousins and her daughter while in Fort Collins.  It was a joy to get to spend time with family while there!

One of my favorite days on vacation was when my brother was able to come down and visit with us.  We had a fun time shopping, visiting Odell’s Brewery, and driving around Horsetooth Reservoir.  

My brother and I both love to cook.  So it was fun to go to a spice shop and olive oil stores with him!

Food is one of the things Milton and I enjoy together.  We like to eat at restaurants that are not available near us when on vacation.  As you can tell, we feel that calories should not be counted on vacation! 🙂 

When we made it to Estes Park, Colorado we were lucky enough to hit a Farmers Market!  I was So overjoyed to see Colorado Peaches! I love to make jam with them!  I have made two batches already!

Life is back to almost normal here at the farm.  Milton has already been out to check his fields, examine the pivot, and took care of the chickens first day back.  

I do have to mention, Milton only stopped once to look at a used combine while on vacation.  But he certainly was keeping his eyes  peeled as he drove! 🙂

Have you visited anywhere this summer?  We would love some recommendations! Feel free to comment!

Thanks for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “Family Vacation 2014

  1. That brownie thing at the Chocolate Cafe is just beyond the imagination! Totally worth the 7 hour drive…almost. Great post! So glad you got to come see us! Next time, you're mine in Rummy Royal!


  2. It was well worth it PV thought! By the way, you (or your parents) can enjoy a Groupon coupon I didn't use. I bought two and totally forgot to go back and use the 2nd one! INSANE I know! So if you plan to be in Ft. Collins before December 2014 it's yours or you can give to your folks! We will see about that girlfriend on the rummy royal! 🙂


  3. Julie,Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful vacation. It's always nice to get away and see something different for a few days.Visiting and reconnecting with old friends is fun; simply fun!We all need a little time to forget the everyday issues at home and clear out mind.J's family are lake vacationers. They rent a house on the lake for a week and enjoy the water. This year we are headed to MN.Growing up we showed livestock and didn't take a formal vacation. I go home to help my Mom show open class Sheep at the State fair and think I'm on vacation. We have a hoot. Sister is going to be able to come this year too.J and I both enjoy taking in the National Finals Rodeo in Vegas. We are hoping to go again this year for our 10th anniversary.


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