Adoption Series

Prior to 2006, adoption was something our family didn’t know very much about.  At that time, my husband and I decided to grow our family through adoption.  We began the process to adopt a child. Which I might add, is not easy or for the faint of heart, but an experience we would not trade for anything!  In 2008 we adopted our youngest daughter, and God chose us to be her forever family.  
I have decided since November 22nd is National Adoption Day I wanted to help spread the word of adoption. One of my friends mentioned that she thought it would make a good series, so I am going for it!  I will be doing the series on adoption throughout the month of November.  
My hope is to gather stories from different areas of adoption.  So I am seeking help with these topics.  The stories can be done anonymously or include names and photos.
The different areas I would like to share are below.  
A family waiting to adopt
A family that has adopted domestically.
A family that has adopted internationally.
A person that has been adopted.
A person that has chosen to help others grow their family by choosing adoption.
This could grow to something more than just these topics.  I love adoption stories and a lot of times the only thing the media shares are the heartbreaking sad stories of adoption.  This I am hoping will share some goodness and happiness of adoption.  There are so many things that are wonderful about adoption and I think the world needs to hear more of it.  
So here is what I am asking.   That you will pray for me and this series to be what God intends it to be.  That if you are interested in visiting with me regarding this series you will contact me at betweenthesunsets@gmail.com. If you know someone who might be interested you will share my email address and this post. Talking to me doesn’t commit you to anything.
I am looking forward to this new task before me!
Grace is a gift,

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