Snow on the Farm & Family Inspiration!

I haven’t written over here at the Sunsets since December 7th, and my sweet cousin reminded me of this today!  She is one of those people that when you see her, you can’t help but smile, and then when you hear her talk or get close enough you gotta hug her!  🙂  Seriously, I’m not kidding. It’s one of the perks of marrying into Milton’s family, she was actually his cousin first, but I think she secretly likes me more now! 😉 Shhh, don’t tell him!

Anyway, I asked her what to blog on and she says THE SNOW!  She was shoveling her parent’s driveway this morning.  I giggled, but here I am.  I’m writing a blog post about snow and whatever else pops into my head!  Inspired by my sweet lovable Colorado cousin!

(FYI my dear cousin, you can read daily from me at Pushing Forward with Grace too!)

We had about 3 inches here at the farm.  It is really  pretty and PV was so excited about it!  Unfortunately I am not sure she will get to play in it.  She is in school all day and then we have commitments after! 😦  Maybe tomorrow if it sticks around we can play in the snow!

The farmer went out early this morning to feed the calves, then we had a business meeting together about the farm.  We multi tasked while having the meeting, we were walking for exercise at our new High school gymnasium!  It was nice to walk in climate controlled area, lots of space, and quality time with hubs! It was a good meeting too! 🙂

He is out hunting as I write this post.  He doesn’t get to enjoy his hobbies as much as he would like, so I’m glad he gets to go out today!

SO! My cousin should be happy, I wrote a post today! 🙂 I hope you all are enjoying your week and have some fun in the snow! If you have some in your neck of the woods!

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