Making Farm Beautiful – Barn Quilt Block

When you drive through the countryside you can see farmsteads along the road.  Some have been there for centuries and others not so long.  Perhaps there is an old dwelling and not far a new one reflecting the legacy being carried on.  This is the case of our farmsteads. 

My in laws live in the dwelling that my father-in-law and his twin brother were born in.  He has lived there his entire life except for a few short years.  It has held a couple families during that time where little boys rode their trikes around in a circle through the house, and neighbor kids and cousins hung out.  Additions to the dwelling were made and now it holds only two very special people.  They continued a legacy of farming and they shared it with their children.  My husband being one of them, now he is sharing it with his child to carry on the legacy.

The beauty of the farm may just be in the eye of the beholder, I’m not sure.  I find beauty in different areas of the farm when I’m out in it.  Pride of ownership is another legacy that was passed on in my husband’s family.  When I walk through the farmstead, pasture, or take a gander from the road of a field I can see years of hard work, love, and care.  That’s important.  That’s good. 

This Christmas season I wanted to make sure we gave my husband’s parents a gift they could enjoy for a long time.  We are blessed to still have them and they are simple folk. So when searching for a gift we went with homemade.  The best kind of course.  

I had planned for all three of us to help work on it, but it ended up I was unable to participate in the labor part. PV painted some, but mostly Milton made it for his parents.  I just gave him the idea and plans! 🙂  So I guess it was still a team effort.

A Barn Quilt Block is what we presented to them on Saturday. 

The following weekend Milton hung it on the barn. You can see it from the  roadside or as you come into their drive.  We went with red, white, and blue as they are as American as they come.  They are part of American heritage and I am proud to say I am a part of their family.

It is the first barn quilt block that Milton has done.  Perhaps we will do some more in the future.   I was inspired by my friend Nicole and others that have done them.  We hope they enjoy it and that those that drive by do as well.

This holiday season giving to others is important but as always the true reason for the season is Jesus Christ.  We pray that your family had a happy healthy holiday season.

Thanks for stopping by,

Julie and Milton and PV

9 thoughts on “Making Farm Beautiful – Barn Quilt Block

  1. So gorgeous, I bet they are proud of it. I keep nudging my farmer that it would be so great to have one……….. haven't nudged hard enough yet. 🙂


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