Cakes – Homemade or Box Mixes?

Hello from the Entertaining Kitchen!  I’m not entertaining anyone other than the two people that live with me right now but our annual couples gathering is right around the corner!  So be sure to follow us so you can see the results of this years VVDDP!

I headed into the kitchen this past Sunday with PV.  I had been at the grocery store and this colorful cake mix drew me in.  Yes I bought it, pricey but the cake is actually very good. Duff and Walmart made $2.98 off me, although I didn’t buy his frosting!

Since marrying my husband the only box mixes I really use are angel food cake and brownies.  I like the Kroger brownies, very good!  Milton was raised on homemade cake his entire life!  The benefit is that it is cheaper in the long run I’m sure and you know exactly what is going into your cake.

We took some of the batter and made it purple.  PV really liked this part of the cake making process!

It ended up being a good cake, with family in the kitchen, spending time together!  What better way to spend our Sunday afternoon!

How about you?  Do you  have a preference on cakes?  Do you prefer made from scratch or from the box?  Let me know by commenting below!

Thanks for stopping by!

*This was not a paid endorsement, it is all my own opinions!

2 thoughts on “Cakes – Homemade or Box Mixes?

  1. If you've never had homemade angel food, you must try. It is really not that much effort, and doesn't even begin to taste the same as a box mix. I'm mostly a scratch cook, but have never found a really good white cake recipe, so I box that one. If you have a good white cake recipe, I would love to try it.


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