Chirp Chronicles – Round 2

We have started round two with new baby chicks in the coop! To read about our first batch you can start by checking out PV The Chicken Farmer! (It was only a 2 years ago and PV looks SO YOUNG! Yikes!)

The Chirp Chronicles are back and hopefully we can keep all 15 safe and well!  We bought Rhode Island Red and Buff Orpingtons this go around.  Only two breeds verses three.

When I went to check on them this morning they were running about in our their little stall.  They were chirping away and hanging out like good buddies do.  

I did notice one particular chick that I think is either going to be the “mother hen” or the “naughty chick”.  Still out for debate – too soon to tell.  She was pecking at the others way more than she should have been!

Ok honesty she’s took cute right now to be mad at!

They all found the gold shiny items in the corner of the cardboard very interesting.  They would take turns pecking at it, I guess it was entertainment for them.  Either way the chirping of these little chicks made my morning better and brought a smile to my face.  

They probably won’t lay any eggs until fall but until then we will watch them grow, keep the dog at bay (and other critters) and care for them!  We hope you will join us for this second round of chicken raising!

On a side note, corn planting has began. 

We have been able to sell our old combine and some other farm equipment. Spring cleaning is happening on the farm! I should probably get started on the house in the near future, huh?

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